Clavier Arabe

Guide To Arabic Online Keyboard

How to Type a Document Using a Clavier Arabe or Arabic Keyboard Online


Do you need to type a document in Arabic? Do you not own a clavier arabe or Arabic keyboard?

If so, and you do not want to go out and buy a clavier arabe that you may only use once, you can use an online Arabic keyboard and type your document there.

Where to find a clavier arabe online-- There are several sites that host clavier arabes. These sites are free to use, can be accessed easily and, once you start typing your document in Arabic into them, will help you have it finished in no time.

Just do a search for the keywords 'clavier arabe', and choose one of the many sites that appears.

How to type a document using a clavier arabe-- Typing a document in Arabic using a clavier arabe, or Arabic keyboard, is easy.

Just look for the Arabic keys below the empty text box on the site and start clicking on the letters you want to use with your mouse. As you click, Arabic words will begin to appear just as they would if you had an Arabic keyboard on your laptop or computer.

Keep typing until the document you need is finished. You can then copy it, and cut and paste it into the word processing software package you use.

Is one clavier arabe better than another?-- Some definitely do have more features than others, so it depends what you are looking for as to which one is better for you.

In most cases, though, if you just want a basic Arabic keyboard, the ability to make letters larger or smaller, and an Arabic dictionary to look up words you are unsure of, just about any of the more popular Arabic keyboard websites will be enough.